Store your suitcases and save 50% after the first day.

Suitcases insured up to 1,000€.

Video surveillance and unique security code per booking.

Best connected areas in the city.

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You will be able to use your locker the whole day, from 00:00h to 23:59h. Cancel for free up to 24h before the booked date.

Cancel for free 24 hours before

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More than 93,527 suitcases stored for a long period of time.

“The perfect way to store our bags after checking out of our Airbnb. Everything is automated, easy to find, and in a great location. I recommend it to everybody!”

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Valoración de 4.9/5

Lissette Jacobo

“I had a great experience. It worked great, we left two large bags for almost 20 days and removed them with no problem. I'm surprised. And without a doubt, we will use Locker in the City again!”

Usuario que deja la reseña
Valoración de 4.9/5

lala doschapas

“Very convenient, super fast... Great! 💪🏻 With an XL we put a Ryanair carry-on, a carry-on and two backpacks... €9 for the whole day and it also has a USB port inside to charge a device!”

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Valoración de 4.9/5

Alessio Olivero

“24-hour service, easy to hire on the web, secure and personal code to access the place and your box office, good price. A perfect solution. I would repeat without a doubt.”

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Valoración de 4.9/5

Danny Gomez

“Highly recommended if you want to keep your things safe. Clean and easy to reach. The lockers are also clean and all you have to do is pay for the locker you want.”

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Valoración de 4.9/5


“A highly recommended slogan, all automatic, easy and fast. You pay, they give you a code, you put it in and the locker opens and that's it. Without a doubt to repeat!”

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Valoración de 4.9/5

Edurne Zalacáin

Cancel for free 24 hours before

Three locker sizes. Store as much as you can fit.

At Locker in the city you rent the entire locker. You don't pay per bag.



The most used


Maletas guardadas en una consigna XXL

Giant suitcase or 4 suitcases

Medidas de una consigna XXL
Maletas guardadas en una consigna XL

3 hand luggage + 2 backpacks or large suitcase + backpack

Medidas de una consigna XL
Maletas guardadas en una consigna M

Hand luggage + Backpack

Medidas de una consigna M

Insured and protected by:

Protegido y asegurado por prosegur y axa

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Save 50% after the first day

Reserva fácil y rápido por móvil

Luggage insured up to 1.000€.

24h video surveillance.

Open 24/7.

Cancel for free 24 hours before

Pack your bags and continue to enjoy your trip.

Other options
Other options

Store your luggage in shops, bars or non-specialised premises.

Take time out of your trip to visit the shops and check their security.

Pay per bag.

No special price for long bookings.

Locker in the City

Protected and insured by Prosegur and Axa.

Keep everything you can fit. Pay by locker.

Quick and easy. No staff, no queues, 100% automated.

Make the most of your trip.

50% discount for long term bookings.

Cancel for free 24 hours before

Carrying your suitcases

Don't bring as much luggage as you would like so you don't have to carry it.

Don't enjoy your trip 100% because you have to worry about your stuff.

Chica viajando por el mundo

Safe, easy and fast, 100% automated


Choose the duration of your booking

The entire booking process is made online.


Select the size of your locker

Choose which lockers you will need to store all your luggage.


Receive your security code

A unique code for you to access the venue and open your lockers.


Enjoy your trip carefree

Your belongings will be watched over 24/7 by Prosegur video surveillance.

You can find us at:


Cancel for free 24 hours before

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