Calle Atocha 86, 28012, Madrid

365d, 24h

Features of this location

Insurance of 1.000€ per suitcase

Facilities open 24 hours

Video surveillance 24 hours

USB charger in the locker

Open and close your locker as many times as you need

Free cancellation up to 24 hours

About this place

Our Atocha locker store is in a perfect location to be able to take advantage of your business and tourist trip, the stores' proximity to the centre of Madrid and the most visited museums is unbeatable. Located at Calle Atocha 86, just a few minutes walk from Atocha Station. The closest metro stop is Anton Martin - Line 1. (1 minute walk). You can drop off your luggage in this store and enjoy your visit worry-free, because you will also be close to Lavapiés and Las Letras, as well as the lively Plaza de Santa Ana. Enjoy your visit and leave your bags at any time, we are open 24 hours! Book NOW!

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