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Calle Barcelona 10,, 28012, Madrid

365d, 24h

Características de este local

Insurance of 1.000€ per suitcase

Facilities open 24 hours

Video surveillance 24 hours

USB charger in the locker

Open and close your locker as many times as you need

Free cancellation up to 24 hours

Sobre este local

Our shop in the Calle Barcelona 10 is located 150 metres and less than 2 minutes walk from La Puerta del Sol, which is at the heart of the sights in Madrid. This famous square contains the so-called Kilometre Zero stone slab, marking the starting point for all for radial roads in Spain. This is also the square where we enjoy the 12 New Year's Eve bells that mark the traditional eating of the 12 grapes and the beginning of a new year. In La Puerta del Sol we can also find the statue of the "Bear and the Strawberry Tree", the symbol of the city and the shield of the beloved "Athletico Madrid" football team. La Puerta del Sol is very easy to reach thanks to its train and metro stations, making it a common meeting point for the city's inhabitants and the tourists who visit us.