Book 7 days in advance and get 20% off 😉

GUARANTEED SECURITYIf security is important to you, we are your best option.

24-hour video surveillance with Prosegur

Connected to the police 24 hours a day

Suitcases insured up to € 1,000 with Axa

Is the security of where you store your luggage important to you?

Locker in the City is the only baggage storage service that offers you “insurance for your bags.” In the unlikely event that your baggage is stolen or damaged, each bag stored with us is insured up to €1,000 by AXA Seguros Generales. The insurance coverage is already included in the locker rental price.

Our lockers are protected by PROSEGUR and have video surveillance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and are equipped with an alarm connected to the central police station.

Book 7 days in advance and get 20% off 😉