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Why choose us?

The only secure, fully automated luggage storage area in the centre of Madrid, at the best price, and with the best hours...
Enjoy the city with both hands free!


For Price

We are most inexpensive locker storage in Madrid. You rent the entire locker, we do not charge per suitcase. If you find a better price than ours to leave your luggage in a secure locker (not in a bar, kiosk, or similar), we will beat it by 25%. Call us at +34 912 102 382 or email us at [email protected].


For Security

We are the only baggage storage service in Madrid that offers insurance with AXA for €1,000 per bag. Our lockers are opened with a secret 9-digit code unique to each reservation, not with an obsolete, vintage 4-number padlock :-). We also have 24-hour video surveillance with Prosegur. If security matters to you, we are your only option; we offer the safest lockers in Madrid.


For Operating hours

We offer luggage lockers with the most hours of locker access in Madrid, 365 days a year. We never close; not on Sundays nor holidays. Depending on the location, we have up to 24 hours of continuous access each day.


For Comfort

The entire process of renting a locker to store your luggage is online, without shop vendors, without long queues for service, without wasting your valuable time.


For Location

Our secure luggage storage areas are located in the heart of Madrid. Check out the different locations on our website and pick the best one for you.


For Veracity

No deceptive advertising. We are the only baggage storage service in Madrid that charges for the use of the locker, not for each bag you want to store. Rent a secure locker from Locker in the City and store anything that will fit in YOUR LOCKER; don't pay more per bag.